5G-INDUCE supported paper by CNIT and UBITECH accepted at HPSR’21

The 5G-INDUCE supported paper titled “From Cloud-Native to 5G-Ready Vertical Applications: An Industry 4.0 Use Case” submitted by CNIT and UBITECH to the IEEE 22nd International Conference on High Performance Switching and Routing (HPSR) has been accepted!

The abstract of the paper stated:

«This paper aims to showcase the ability of the MATILDA Platform to enable vertical applications fully utilizing the capabilities offered by the fifth generation of mobile networks (5G). Although 5G, powered by network slicing and edge computing, promises to flexibly support radically new and extremely heterogeneous vertical applications, vertical stakeholders generally lack both the skills to exploit the full potentials of 5G networks and the vision of the underlying resources, owned by Telecom providers that are reluctant to expose them in an unmediated way. The MATILDA platform bridges the gap between the vertical application and the network service domains. This paper presents the case of an Industry 4.0 application, and highlights the role played by the MATILDA solution in its successful deployment and orchestration.»

The paper will be online and freely accessible from the Outcome section of the 5G-INDUCE project website as soon as it will be published.