Proof of concept of VR immersion for AGV control

YBVR is working with the support of EU H2020 5G-INDUCE project to develop applications for industrial environments to grow industry 4.0. Within this project YBVR has developed a use case that aims to offer industrial improvements using 5G infrastructures to help factories to have safer and more efficient working environments.

This use case, developed by YBVR, joins the monitoring of the industrial environment with the new possibilities of immersive reality. This goal will be achieved through the installation of 360° cameras in an AGV (Auto Guided Vehicle) and connecting these cameras with 5G technology. This will provide near real-time 360° images of the environment to the person operator responsible for monitoring the AGVs, getting access to a direct view around of the AGV anywhere and whenever he needs them. Additionally, real-time data collected from the AGV and the 5G network are displayed overlayed on the immersive view, to help the operator for quicker troubleshooting.

In the development of the use case, YBVR has collaborated with large companies, like Ericsson, which is providing the 5G infrastructure, Ford, offering the Motors factory of Valencia where the use case is deployed, and ASTI Mobile Robotics, the manufacturer of the AGVs, other startups are contributed to the use case, as FiveComm, that has developed the 5G modem which will provide the 5G connectivity of the 360°camera.
Below, you can find a picture with the description of this use case.

After of being working in the development of the NetApp that offers this use case for more than one year, recently a first proof of concept was deployed and tested successfully in the 5TONIC facilities of IMDEA Networks in Madrid. The next step will be to test this NetApp at the Ford Motors factory in Valencia where a part of the 5G infrastructure of the 5G-INDUCE project is being deployed.