5G-INDUCE Infrastructures and use cases at Infocom Mobile Connected World conference in Athens, Greece

Dimitris Klonidis, the 5G-INDUCE Technical Manager and head of Network Softwarization and IoT group at UBITECH, was invited to participate in the 12th Infocom Mobile Connected world conference (https://mwc.gr/), the largest workshop event on 5G in Greece, that was held online on the 12th of July 2022. His talk was on “B5G Applications for Industry 4.0 environments” and focused on the innovative 5G-INDUCE platform for services and resource orchestration over 5G infrastructures providing specific examples from the project’s industrial sites deployments and early use case application developments.

You may watch the workshop at: Live – 12o Mobile & Connected World 2022 (mwc.gr)
The presentation start @7:20:05 (Language: Greek)