Demonstration of 5G-INDUCE Use Cases of the Spanish Experimentation Facility over 5TONIC Rel 16 infrastructure

The deployment of 5G SA Rel 16 at 5TONIC lab based on Ericsson technology, and planned together with Telefonica, introduces end-to-end and automated network slicing capabilities, nicely converging with the integration of 5G-Induce use cases of its Spanish Experimentation Facility, at 5TONIC.

Key showcased aspects of 5G-INDUCE use cases, fully leveraging network slicing, included a 360-video production in motion developed by Yerba Buena VR, and remote control of an automated guided vehicle (AGV) and gesture recognition by Fivecomm. For the demonstrations, AGVs of ASTI mobile robotics were used and adapted to the use cases.



But this was much more than a compliance test, validation or demonstration of use cases. It was indeed a full proof-of-concept validation for end-to-end orchestration of the slicing life cycle support and radio resources partitioning. So, 5G-Induce use cases not only leveraged but also validated the potential of these advanced features of 5G Rel16 at 5TONIC lab, verifying the key differential user experience enabled by network slicing. As a result, this ecosystem initiative has delivered relevant learnings to all parties involved: CSPs (Telefónica), vendors (Ericsson) and technology-specialized SMEs (Yerba Buena VR, Fivecomm and ASTI Mobile Robotics).

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